The Vineyard

Breathtaking Wine Sunsets 

Il Canto di Kokopelli Country Houses and Le Breste Restaurant are just in front of a large vineyard (5 hectares) on which a selection on local and international vines grow in harmony. 
A central path crosses the field and, on the back of the main vineyard, there is a old stone wine press and basin (palmento) in ruins, destroyed by the fire. These basins were made of stone and used for wine fermentation in the South of Italy, especially in Apulia, Calabria and Sicily. 

There, at sunset, time is suspended. 
With Stromboli on the horizon over the vineyard, this becomes the perfect place for the soul, where to have a walk through, reconnect to oneself, to the rythms of nature and find peace and serenity. 
It's then time for a good glass of wine...