Farm Holiday Village "Fondo Barone"

in Brattir˛ di Drapia - Calabria - is on a hill at 4 km from Tropea



A prominent mythical figure, among the Hopi people a local tribe of the dry plateau of Arizona and New Mexico whose name means "peaceful", is Kokopelli symbol of fertility. Some people know him as the "humpbacked Flute Player". A sacred figure carved on rock walls or painted on pots throughout America. The hump on his back is a sack of seeds of plants that he scatters, singing and dancing, in springtime. His flute is the Source of the Spirit that he pours into the seeds.

Statistical data by UNO show that about 40% of the world population live in earth houses. Neglected during the post-war reconstruction, industrialized countries have rediscovered this material now, because it is energy-saving and at the same time natural and healthy.

Confort: thermic stability permits to collect solar energy and to reduce to a minimum the loss of heat during winter. In summer inside temperature is 5 degrees less than outside temperature. Sound-proofing is high, and humidity is kept at 40/45%, avoiding a surplus of both humidity and dryness.

The earth is a primary element, the walls are made of "Bresti": rectangular blocks of water, clay (palaccu) and straw (paja). The mixture is trodden and then put into wooden moulds (u brestaru). Nowadays concrete mixers are used. These bricks, of eastern origin, are dried in the sun and they keep the houses cold in summer and hot in winter.





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Brattir˛ di Drapia - Fondo Barone, Tropea (VV) - Calabria (Italy)

Tel. 0963/61.008 Tel-Fax 0963/66.32.92 Cell. 349/12.09.065 - 329/92.60.891 - 347/85.70.611


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