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Farm Holiday Village "Fondo Barone"

in Brattirņ di Drapia - Calabria - is on a hill at 4 km from Tropea

Your wellbeing concerns us

From organic farming to ecological design





Ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday in touch with nature. Walking through the fields, in a 20 hectares farm, on a hill from where you can see the Tyrrhenian Sea. Good cooking made with biological produce, controlled by I.M.C. reg. CEE 2092/91. Tourist itineraries will take you from Tropea to the best places in Calabria. Horse rides and orchestral concerts are organised.

Wind surfing, fishing, scuba diving, sunbathing are within reach at the seaside resort "Lido Calypso" Tropea (4km).

You can take courses in local cuisine, sewing, painting, pottery class and practice joga, shiatsu, aerobics. Many charming things make "Kokopelli's song" a unique place to spend a wonderful holiday. Its raw earth (bresti) and stone houses, dating back to the beginning of 1800, have ecological rooms where clean energy provides cold and hot water.





Brattirņ di Drapia - Fondo Barone, Tropea (VV) - Calabria (Italy)

Tel. 0963/61.008 Tel-Fax 0963/66.32.92 Cell. 349/12.09.065 - 329/92.60.891 - 347/85.70.611

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